Who has Lionel Messi Dated? Girlfriends List, Dating History

Lionel Messi: a name that resonates with even the faintest of football fans and someone whose football prowess is so legendary, he’s often from another planet. Yet, while his wizardry on the pitch is common knowledge, his personal life—specifically his romantic entanglements—remains a subject of intrigue and curiosity. Strap in and hold onto your vuvuzelas as we navigate the romantic timeline of arguably the world’s greatest footballer.

Messi’s Maiden Muse

Let’s start from the beginning, and no, we’re not referring to when he first kicked a football. Before he became the global sensation we know today, Messi was just a young boy in Rosario, Argentina. Here, he met Antonella Roccuzzo, a close friend of his cousin. Little did he know that this childhood friend would play a significant role in his life’s story. Spoiler alert: she’s the leading lady!

From Friends to Flames

Growing up, Messi and Antonella were inseparable. Their bond was initially platonic, but as is the case with most cinematic love stories, it transformed into something deeper. Around 2008, rumours swirled around Messi’s love life, linking him with various women. However, in a move that would have any PR manager cheering, Messi decided to set the record straight. In 2009, he confirmed that Antonella was his girlfriend, bringing an end to the speculations and the beginning of one of football’s most enduring love stories.

Dancing with Distractions

Being an international heartthrob and football legend isn’t without its challenges. The media was rife with whispers linking Messi to models like Macarena Lemos and Luciana Salazar. However, both Messi and the ladies in question dismissed these allegations as mere fabrications. As the saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s often just a really bored tabloid writer with a deadline.”

Queen Antonella Reigns Supreme

Despite the sensational stories, Messi only ever had eyes for Antonella. Their bond grew stronger, with Messi often gushing about her in interviews. In 2017, in a wedding that could rival any royal affair, Messi and Antonella tied the knot in Rosario. Stars from the football world and beyond attended the nuptials, celebrating the union of the childhood sweethearts.

Messi’s Modern Family

Fast forward to the present day, and the Messi clan has grown in numbers. Lionel and Antonella are proud parents to three boys: Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. The couple frequently shares snippets of their family life on social media, giving fans a peek into Messi’s role as a doting father and husband.

Website Specifications: Unveiling Messi’s Romantic Record

As we’ve explored the highs, lows, and in-betweens of Messi’s romantic journey, let’s compile it into a bite-sized table for clarity:

Feature Details
Main Muse Antonella Roccuzzo
Relation Status Married since 2017
Children Thiago, Mateo, Ciro
Rumoured Relationships Macarena Lemos, Luciana Salazar (both denied by Messi)
Wedding Location Rosario, Argentina
Number of Red Cards 0 (in his romantic life, at least!)


And They Lived Happily Ever After…

In the world of football, where scandals and sensations are the order of the day, Messi’s unwavering commitment to his family stands out. His story is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of finding “the one” early in life. While his feet create magic on the pitch, it’s clear that his heart has been captivated off it. So, here’s to Lionel Messi: football legend, loving husband, doting father, and all-around good guy. May his love story continue to inspire and mesmerize!

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